How To Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool And Grow Traffic Strategically ?

Google Adwords Keyword tool offers a picture perfect way to reach maximum audience by positioning yourself in the first page of SERP. And for marketing your blog, products or service to the right audience, Google adwords keyword tool is must.

Here the question is how will you use that perfect way strategically to maximize your blog visitors ?

Remember, it’s all about strategy to stay ahead of the crowd. In this article, I will tell you one of the tactics and how to use it effectively to grow your website traffic effortlessly.

Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

Hope you are familiar with the above “search  for new keyword using a phrase, website  or  category” option in keyword planner. While using keyword research tool, you normally type your keywords in the “get idea” box to list of related keywords right ?

If you proceed in that manner, you will get search results similar to those of your competitors’.

Then, how will you stand out of crowd, because you can only see the dull variance with respect to your input keyword as shown in below fig.

keyword planner wedding tips

Don’t worry; I have a trick, using the landing page dialogue box of adwords keyword planner, which offers you the long tail keywords with low competition that are related to the pages. Type the website URL in the below shown box of your keyword planner:

adword keyword tool

Hey wait, not your website URL, but your competitors URL in the landing page option. For example look at the below image.

adwords keyword  search toolAs you can see, I have got some low competition and long tail keywords that doesn’t show to most of your competitor, who surf.

Now, let me explain you how to choose keyword suggestion tool for your ad campaign ?

When you create your first ad group, you can filter the keywords from your keyword search tool based on the following:

Keyword Planner  Google AdWords

Average Cost Per Click (CPC) or Suggested Bid: This option shows you the cost of any specific keyword when it is clicked. With this you can decided your budget

Estimated Search Volume: Depending on the competition every month, it gives you a clear picture on how many user searches for a given keyword.

Keyword Competition: Whether the competition is high, medium or low, you can easily identify in this segment.

Once you go through the search volume for launching your campaign, estimate and review your plan.

Prior reviewing your plan, gave a name to your ad group and set the keywords at right side of the search result, then you can click the Review plan button. Look at the reference image below.

keyword suggestion tool

When you click on the review plan button, you will be directed to the segment, where you get complete details on the number of clicks, impression, click through rate (CTR), Cost per click (CPC) and Avg position as show in fig below. This result is based on your budget and keywords.

adword keyword  tool segment

Targeting: You can set the desired location and find keywords searchers on one particular area along with their specific languages. There is also a negative keywords column, which helps you to exclude certain keyword based  on  your choice. Let’s say, you are already ranking for some keywords so you don’t want those keyword to appear whenever you search for other keywords.

target segment in google adwords

Keyword filters allows you to set the monthly searches above certain number and get the ideas according to that. Below that, you can also compare the competition using Data range option.

customize your search

Keywords to Include : With this option, you can  always include certain  keyword, while you perform any sort of activities related to keywords.

Get search volume data and trends

get search volume

If you have your own long tail keywords and you are desperate to use it at any cost.  Then this features is best applicable. It doesn’t provide you the new keyword ideas as before. Additionally, you can also upload your keyword list from the previous section (search for new keywords using website, phrase or category) in the given option. Once you have input all details you can click on Get search volume for the output.

Multiply keyword list to get new keyword ideas

multliple keyword list

This segment lets you to add list of keywords and analyze search volume and forecast. These tool suites well for eCommerce firm to fine list of product keywords. As it is the list, make sure, every list of keywords have its own division.

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