How These Marketing Tips For Blogs Helps To Gain Visitors And Influence Them?

Have you ever felt that there is a lot of competition in blogging world? Or you, as a blogger or internet marketer know very well that every year, many blogs are being launched. As a result, it has become very essential to have a successful method to market your blog along with your blog post.

Every other bloggers draft epic articles and promote them in various platform as you do right? Then, what else you and me are doing unique ? This post will answer these question so pay kind attention.

In order to stand out of crowd, you must be unique with unique strategies. To gain more traffic you must market your blog post as well as your blog.

Therefore, in this article I would like to write about how to gain visitors and influence them by marketing your blog. Here, I have illustrated some of the marketing tips for blogs.

Know Your Audience And Market Your Blog In Social Media

Know your audience first and keep them in mind, while drafting any blog post. Because chances are more that on the path of writing and promoting, you may forget your audience and it’s quite common if you’re a newbie.

Setting up a blog and being unknown in blogging world is a scary aspect. And for your success you just need to grab the attention of specific group to tell them how awesome your blog is?

For the visibility of your blog, concentrate on your nice and people, who are interested in rather than attracting the whole world, always be relevant to your niche. I am going to explain you one of the best social media tactics to gain visitors and influence them.

Create your page in various social media and reach out your contacts and invite them. Some of them might like your page immediately and then you can market your blog post to them frequently as they gave you permission by liking your business page.

What about the rest, who left behind without liking it?

Here comes the tactics.

Send them a message stating, “I have just launched my Facebook page (other social media page) it would mean a lot to me if you helped me grow by liking us on it. We’ll be sharing you lots of cool stuffs including some things, which might benefit you”.

You can also use Facebook ads to get more followers as it helps you to target specific audience based on the age, area of interest, and location.

The above tactics will definitely work and increase the likes of your business page at some extend. In case, they liked your page then thank that person. Remember, business is all about providing value for your customers.

If you perform activities with this kind of perspective, you can easily gain visitor and influence them with your marketing tips for their blogs.

Brand Yourself Along With Superior SEO

If you consider New York Times, their success is not because of best SEO strategy, instead of the strong brand.

In front of Google updates like Panda and Penguin, the New York Times stand firmly for long drag. And made all of us go wonder.

Companies like have strong SEO foundation but lacks with great brand building strategy. I am not criticizing neither of them, the point is, a successful online marketing strategy must comprise of both excellent SEO and Brand.

If you’re not aware of the primary steps to brand yourself and your blog. You can assign these steps:

Begin with “WH” questions: What you’re trying to achieve? Why do you exist? Your answer should be to solve others problem rather than to create the best product or service.

Identify Your Own Market: If you find marketers have ruined the market, find the place in the market, where no one has served then enter your feet into it and dominate.

Enhance your guest writing strategy: Blog can be a great way to build your content marketing. Guest posting is a technique for projecting yourself with different set of audience and attract them toward your blog. Best bloggers like Chris Brogan, Brain Clark and Neil Patel does the same.

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