Google: No Penguin Algorithm Update Untill 2016

Website owners can relax for some time, as there is no penguin algorithm update this year from Google. Almost, everyone along with me was vaguely waiting for its update by the end of 2015. As per Search Engine Land, Google has informed them that it won’t update till next year.

A spokesman from Google said, “As holidays are upon us, penguins won’t update until next march”.

The upcoming penguin update is going to the real-time, i.e Google identifies the site’s link irrespective of the quality link. The Penguin algorithm will analyze links in real time

Since, webmasters and SEO have to wait for few months or even years for Google to update, Penguin algorithm will automatically update. Penguin 3.0 was the last update on October 17, 2014, which is more 13 months ago.

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