How Social Media Impact Search Engine Ranking ?

How big is your Social Media fan base? And how engaged is your community? In order to answer this quest, consider Facebook, which is one of the well-known social network, Google indexes the number of people, who like your facebook page, and interact with your post in it. These numbers show up in the description area of the SERPs as shown below.

how social media impact search engine ranking

You can see in fig, Google shows in its SERP the number of page likes, people talking about the Mcdonald’s page and the people who were there.

In this article, I have listed out some of the facts as show above to help you understand how social media impact search engine ranking of Google?

Google crawls most of the social network, but it is very selective about its content while displaying on SERP. For example, Google never return Twitter or Facebook content; however, it returns Pinterest boards.

social media impact search engine ranking

If you consider Bing search engine, it’s purely reverse than that of Google, it includes Twitter and Facebook content in its search result but not Pinterest content.

Twitter links have become 100% nofollow i.e. they no longer pass link value. Google stopped including tweets in real time search in 2011. Any links on twitter doesn’t influence Google in deciding the overall authority or relevance of your web pages.

Perform social media marketing in the right perspective

Here the right perspective comes into play, when you won’t let thoughts about how social media influence the ranking of your web pages in search engine.

Keep this big picture in mind: how social media can promote your content and making it viral, earn you inbound links, perceived relevance and better SERP.

Posting content on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc helps your content get in front of more people. It can really be a great opportunity to avail quality link building that leads to the possibilities to climb the SERPs.

Don’t overlook the forest for trees i.e. don’t get so caught up in how social network influence your search engine rank. If you do so, you might forget the most powerful content and community connection, which are mainly why we do social media in the first place.



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