4 Tips On How To Create Shareable Content?

The booming question in social media marketing is how to create shareable content? To answer in a word, it’s the “Connection”.

When people feel a connection to a social object, they automatically use it to connect with others.

A provocative image is a great example of a shareable social object; it’s easy to share and have a conversation around.

Users can have a shared experience around it, then share the photo and extend the knowledge.

Below are the 4 proven methods that will tell you what to do and how to create shareable content ?

Involve People: Let me tell you a story on how to engage people in your blog. A book named “Made to Stick” holds a story about the local newspaper in a small town in America. It was a successful newspaper, as it was read by many people.

The strategy behind their success is that, it publishes the name of everyone, who lived in that town. The trick involved here is, if your name is in the newspaper, you would connect with it, buy it, and even bring your friends. If you or your friends are in the newspaper, don’t you buy it?

Same thing implies to blogs also,

You can interview bloggers you know, and write a blog post about the interview points. Therefore, those interviewed bloggers will share your blog post on their Facebook, Twitter and various community, by linking to it.

Now, you can go a step further, and ask those well-known bloggers to list other blogger, whom they admire the most. And you can mention them in your article. This will be a complimentary to the people, who were being mentioned, and they will surely read the post. This is what makes the most shareable content.

Use Already Established Content: Identify someone on the  YouTube, who has made popular videos about the topic you are interested in. If you feel they can reach your expected audience then ask them to make the video.

Later, you can do everything you can, to promote it and that is how to go viral ?

You may laugh at this, but this will actually work. People, who know how to make viral videos in their field, are the one, who are expert in that. They are 100 times more likely to make viral video than compared to the newbies.

Build on Social Proof: In social media, any kind of partnership is going to be beneficial. It is powerful, if it is made with already established influencer.

If you can get the influencer in your niche and share your content, then you can get their fans too. Whenever, influencer approves your content, it gets bigger role in expanding your network.

The same is true for creating shareable content on social media. For  instance, if anyone are in search of a topic on YouTube and all videos have 100 views except one with 100,000 views, that person will most likely to watch the one with high view count.

We are social animals, we want to fit in, and be a part of what majority people are into and what they trust.

Work with influencer: You can deliver great results, if you can get influencer to be a part of your content marketing campaign. But it’s not so easy to ask such people to talk about your product or service.

To do so, having synergy between what you offer and their audience will make the request easier and smarter. You might think it’s the message and not the messenger that makes something goes viral.

There are several factors that determine the success of a campaign; influencer outreach is not only getting well-known people to use or your product. It also includes developing relationship with them and making them to use your product. Therefore, they will choose it, and tell their friends in a genuine way.

For example, Popchips, one of the fastest growing snack brand, mainly based on influencer marketing. As it lacks budget for traditional advertising, they worked on getting their products into as many influential hands as possible.

Ultimately, the word of mouth had very specific impact because they got to do the taking.

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