Google’s Project Loon, The Internet Balloons Provide Free Internet Service

Google’s Project loon, a research and development project initiated to provide free Internet access mainly to rural and remote areas. The project uses high altitude balloons that provide Internet from the stratosphere level.

Google X, a semi secret facility of Google has decided to provide free Internet at large scale around the globe through its Internet balloons. The projects undertaken by Google X are known as “moonshots” dedicated to bring major technological advancements.

Google has began developing Project Loon from 2011, and the test had already successful in New Zealand, the US and Brazil. In 2016, Google has decided to make balloons fly all over Sri Lanka, and blanketing the entire island with broadband Internet.

Almost, 4 billion of the people worldwide have no Internet access; some places with poor coverage, So, Google’s prime focus is to fill these gaps.

Mike Cassidy, Project Loon head said, that balloon situated at 60,000 altitude can provide coverage up to 5,000 square km. Additionally, Google is trying to make every balloons communicate with one another for better performance.

If Google’s Project Loon is successful all over the world, The search giant will definitely have the upper hand in driving a huge technology shift.

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