Here Is Why Google Hates Amazon Prime?


According to the  BloomReach survey, 44% of online buyers in U.S prefer Amazon, 34% of them go with Google search engine whereas, rest opt other retailers online. This is why Google hates Amazon Prime. Moreover, Alphabet depends completely on product related searches, for acquiring a bigger share in the  advertisement.

Amazon Prime is a paid service that offers Amazon shoppers some of the benefits by free 30 days trail, and $99/year.

As Amazon considers product search as its primary destination, it appears to be optimized. Therefore, in terms of online shopping, it is one stop 800 weighting gorilla for shoppers.  

Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Executive Chairman said that he treats Amazon as one of the Google’s biggest competitor. It  is clear that Google understands the importance of product search that can bring the difference in their business.

Most of the blogger and online markers might be aware; Google has introduced star rating on product ads  in 2013. This star rating indicates the product quality. And, Google can’t access Amazon’s best collection of reviews, but it uses from other retailer’s websites.

To bring rapid checkout system, Google is developing the buy button for mobile shopping. This will transform Google into one of the shopping destination. As a result, it will be the best way to generate income for Google by competing with Amazon.

With the addition of these features like Buy buttons or Star rating, Google is inoperative to solve the real issue. And, none of the Google’s online shopping features helped them to stay ahead of Amazon Prime. Thus, Google hates Amazon Prime.

Forrester Research found that, in  2012 Google was drawing 13% of online  shoppers in U.S, and it’s 22% as per BloomReach study. Now, these visibility is  shrinking as Amazon has been focused on  driving  new Prime subscribers.

By 2020, almost half of the  American  households subscribes  to Amazon, predicted by the analyst, Ben Schachter.

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