4 Successful Ways To Curate Content For Your Blog

Curating content is the process of identifying, contextualizing, organizing and publishing quality content to the right audience. Every content writer should learn how to curate branded content on blogs ? not just curating content, click on that link if you need to gain extensive knowledge on curating content for your branded audience.

The fact is that, content curation will advance your business goals. You need not to be an expert to do that.  

With so much content has been created and marketed across various platform, content curation is a tremendous way to generate traffic.

To help you strategize your online business, I have laid out 4 successful ways to curate content for your blog.

1. Create collection of articles to illustrate points:

Write a blog post to list some of the evergreen content out there, for a specific context. For instance, Post an article of title “15  Best strategies of ABC in 2015”. It can be a great technique by end of  the  year.

This type of blog post will highlight you and the post, because, you are delivering right content at the right time.

Here comes another example:  “Quick read: top 5 viral article on XYZ in 150 words or less”. People value time and need everything to be quick in this generation so, you can

2. Leverage expos and conference attendance:

Several industries are fast paced with year round conference and events. you can utilize this event context to curate list of conference opportunities that will help those specific people. For instance, you can draft an article on “Top 10 Events for Android App Developers” or “5 Most significant copywriting conference”. or lot more.  

You can also take benefits of conference by curating live events and promoting into your blog. In some of the keynote session, you can see the front seats are filled with livebloggers, fingers flying over the keywords.

If you don’t get a chance  to blog a live conference, come up with the title like Liveblog  Roundup in keynote session of 2015.

3. Curate content of the users, and let your reader write for you:

If you own a active blog or social media community, and you answering to your community member, you can use those words too curate a blog post. By using the words that come straight from the proverbial horse’s and curating content can be a great engagement. The  title might be, “10 great affiliate marketing question answered”.

Curated content builds relationships with the people, whose content you curate. And with user generated content ties you with people, who matters the most.

4. Give an unbiased 360 degree perspective

Are there any hot topics in your niche that merit analysis  from various angles? How about curating content on various issue  in one post? using collection of other people’s articles to tell a story highlight their various different viewpoint. use curation to provide your audience both sides of story in one stop solution.

Discovering How to curate content is a strategic resource. And you need to perform a lot of research to come  up with good post. when done right, people and search engine  can grasp what you’re an expert about.  

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