3 Ways On How To Create A Viral Image In Your Blog

Once you have decided to publish your image or have it ready, it is utmost significant to learn how to create a viral image in your blog and catch reader’s eye.

A viral image should be created with the same approach as how you plan for generating videos, articles, and other content. Think about your audience interest and their preferences for color, style and voice.

Before planning any viral image in your blog, first learn  the  psychology of colors and then go ahead. See what has been successful?, what has failed and its gaps? Later, put your creativity  to work.

Here are the 3 ways to create and release a viral image in your blog.

Publish the  image in your blog with value added one liners:

Yes, you want your image to reach out maximum and go viral, but ideally you want people linking to a text rich page on your site instead of taking  the  image and  posting it on their site or social network.

To encourage links  to your blog, it is better to attach a benefit in your blog. For example, you can create a longer scale PDF version  of image or infographics to download or text that offers more context to the infographics so that, others can download.

When your images are shared by others, chances are more for your image to go viral via your blog.

Make Sharing Easy:  

Since, you want people to share your links, it is significant to make sharing easy and accessible. You can provide HTML embed codes that include a link pointing to your website, it is a subtle way to enhance your user experience. By this, you can give them permission to use your content on their website.

Set up an  inbound link that points users, and search spiders back to the original source of the content ( your blog).

Brand the image with your logo and a URL:

If your image goes viral, it will be shared all over the Internet such that, you cannot have  control over it. Because, people are going to tweet about the images, and share it on their blogs without any links that drive traffic back to the source.

Brand your images, infographics with logo, a copyright and backlink to  your blog that holds the  image.

To make your images go viral from your blog, you can provide call to action buttons like learn more tips, download the image etc.

Remember, content is the foremost priority here, so the logo, copyright, and the links should never be too conspicuous. Normally, people look at the  bottom of the image for such documentation.

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