How To Create A Branded Content For Your Audience on Blog?

If you want to write a”Branded Content” to your blog, you should know it’s definition and some of its examples. But don’t worry, I will tell you how to create a branded content for your audience ?

Branded content definition

It is the fusion of advertising and editorial content, the resultant can be in terms of video, images or words. In other words, branded content has been merged between advertising and entertainment. Prior creating a branded content, it is very helpful to learn how to tell a story in a blog and stay in reader’s mind?

Branded content examples can be found in the blogs like Hubspot,, Salesforce, CapGemini’s content loop and lot more.

Let me explain you, how their content is considered as branded content examples in this noisy content marketing hub?

Adobe’s is one of the best branded content examples, as it delivers the content that  is relevant to its audience. Adobe has owned just because of its branded content.

Creating a promotional free content can be a great platform for initiating businesses for deeper and long term customer relationship. This is what happened in case of Adobe, owning

Salesfore Blog

Salesforce operates on some of the highly competitive keywords. The company manages the blog, to stay ahead of the branded content marketing hub; they deliver the content that are helpful for both search engine and people. The categories, they deal are Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, which are very competitive.

Any blogger can consider Salesforce blog as the best branded content marketing examples.

How Branded Content Is A Part Of Branded Content Advertising ?

Branded content keeps winning more attention. The word “Content”  has became a sexy buzzword, everything and everyone want content and speaks content.

In this digital world platforms like news, ads, infographics, marketing, white papers, cat videos etc all must need content, As a result, the traditional advertising platform is experiencing branded content advertising, irrespective of the brand.

In order to brand a blog, the blogger must focus on the branded content, because audience care about the content, not the platform. When it comes to branded content advertising, the publisher must integrate it with branded content. 


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