How To Use Social Media Marketing Strategy For ECommerce And Sell Stuff ?


Social media marketing strategy for eCommerce establishes the brand not by being awesome, or publishing great images or content in social networks, it’s all about being relevant. I will give you a clear picture about the relevancy in this  article.

It is clear that successful businesses consider social media marketing as their top priority because it is the place where, customers are online. Therefore, they go and sell their products or services over there.   

Business is all about solving people’s problem and make money out of it. If you are in eCommerce field, you may think, what is the type of issues that I want to solve ?

Here it is !

You want to solve the problem of time. So, you need to sell time. People buy products online, as it saves their precious time and getting shipped at their doorstep. Simple is it ?

To save customer’s time, an eCommerce firm should spend its time  in social media marketing by selling stuff.

Never Push only Products and Promotions

The major objective of online marketing is to sell stuff, but social media marketing strategy for eCommerce should give value to the respective audience about the quality. You’re unlikely to succeed, if you push your product too often to buy.

Few of the strategies are listed below, which indirectly sell stuff, and give value to your audience.

  • Ask question, participate in your relevant forum and solve those problems, especially who suffered from your competitors service.
  • Share external information along with your content like blog post or stories into your platform.
  • Upload video’s, images of the events of your head of the department or CEO’s engagement with its customers.

Go In And Out Of The Customer Mind.

Social media marketing strategies for eCommerce is all about going in and out of customer’s mind. If any of your visitors or customers tweets in response to your social activity, responding them drive trust on your service.

On the other hand, a thoughtful response will position your brand in their mind. So don’t ever ignore any comment on your account.

Here is a real story of marketing strategy occurred in New York City. A lady named Steffi, commented positively on one of the images of the brand, which deal with wine. Immediately, social media manager of that brand offered her a free T-shirt in response to the positive approach.

This is what called as social media strategy for eCommerce companies. Offering free T-shirt has tempted her to do effective promotion of the brand by the word of mouth, to her large network in New York city.

Not only positive feedback, negative comments should be addressed immediately. Based on your business, you can treat your customer with such offering to get free word of mouth advertising.

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