How eCommerce SEO Is Different Than Normal SEO ?


Every digital marketing specialist out their must understand that, eCommerce SEO is different than normal SEO such as, corporate websites, news websites or any local websites.

The reason why, optimizing eCommerce sites for various search engines is unique because, Search  engine like Google has its own definite guidelines, for quality  criteria. And  I will illustrate some of those examples in this article.

Prior stepping into the optimizing any eCommerce site, it is very much  essential  to understand, what is Google’s Quality Raters.

Why it is necessary to focus on Quality Raters ?

Because, Google’s algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin mainly depend on “Quality Raters”.

Now, what are Quality Raters of Google ?

“Quality raters” are the Google’s army. It has been assigned with certain guidelines, based on that it will judge different types of websites and rate them. Once any site has given rating, Google engineers update their algorithm according to that, to provide value to the searchers. As a result, several websites might suffer from those algorithm updates and some might get benefited.

While performing  eCommerce SEO, Product Page and Category Page of the site should avail certain specific qualities.

What are the highest qualities that every eCommerce Product Page should acquire?

  • If the web page category is “Shoes”, then quality characteristics of the page should have sufficient Main Content, highly authoritative trustworthy positive reviews and reputation.
  • The major purpose of the product page must provide valuable information about specific shoes along with more than 600 user reviews. Online store should sell highest quality product or popular shoes on the market.  
  • Usually, Main Content will be the product description, and the unique content in eCommerce sites is images, customer reviews etc. Search engine doesn’t give high  priority to eCommerce site, which  have very small amount of unique content
  • The prime purpose of the page is to provide relevant information about the particular product to the user. Later comes the various elements that allows user to buy the products.  
  • Getting 600 trusted reviews can really be a hell to some of merchants because I know it’s a tough  job, but there is a lot of way to do that.

Below is the product page, that has been sold at large number.

e commerce seo is different than normal seo

Now let’s see, what are the quality of Category Page in eCommerce sites ?

By now, you are completely aware of how Google perceive product pages in eCommerce websites?. When it comes to Category pages, this is how search engine consider as mentioned below:

  • Product description with  relevant keywords and better user rating on the product
  • As it is the Category page, it should provide a wide variety of option for the buyer on a particular product.
  • The purpose of the page should not give information of the product.
  • Search engine prefer more on Supplementary content (SC), as several eCommerce site sell the same products. Here, product options and layered navigation are considered as SC.

Below is the sample  page that shows how Category page should be designed.

eCommerce SEO Case Study: How eCommerce SEO Is Different Than Normal SEO



Of course, Category pages consists of lot of products, but additionally, rating option, layered navigation on the left and sorting option makes it more significant. This is how eCommerce SEO differs than that of other types of websites.


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