Branding A Blog–Tell A Relevant Story And Stay In Readers Mind.

As we all know, we cannot forget our best friends, as they have created an unforgettable memory that connects our emotions. Same implies to our enemies also.

Any good incident that occur in your life because of your friends is nothing but your lifestory right?

You might be thinking, How our memories and story is related to branding a blog. Keep this in mind, people remember thing with examples and stories and that is the psychology of human being.

Let’s consider branding a blog same as that of our life’s incident. In order to brand your blog, your visitor should never forget the information published in your blog. To do so, you need to tell stories.

Branding equals Storytelling and Examples

For your reference, Leo Widrich co-founder of Buffer, began to market his product via storytelling rather than its benefits. Within few days of this technique, sign-ups sky rocketed. Later on, the science of storytelling in the field of marketing became massively powerful.

If people can remember your blog, when it’s time to their purchase decision, you will have your own priority. This is what happened in case of Leo Widrich when he started telling story.

Our brain becomes active, when we listen to stories. If you want to brand your blog, your every article should be monetized with great stories, which is relevant to the topic. As a result, visitors landing into such blog post never fail to remember your blog.

Because, if they can remember the story of your blog, they do remember your blog, which is nothing but brand.

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Speak your mind before storytelling online in every blog post, by answer the following question:

Who are you?

Author information is must, as the reader like to know about the author. You can decide how much to reveal about yourself ?.

What is your blog?

What type of information, and context your blog deliver to your reader? Your mission, categories, the medium you use like words, video, images etc.

What is the purpose of your blog?

What is your passion to blog about, why you choose to provide such context?

What are the lope hole you are intend to fill up in the market. These must be answered to place your brand in the readers mind.

Who is your audience?

What type of reader you are targeting? Where they spend maximum time, and how you link to those platform? What amount of male or female visitors you need to target?

What makes your blog special?

To be frank, whatever the content you write in your blog are already exists in other blogs right? Then, what makes your information special as compared to others? User must feel the answer to this question, while they spend time in your blog.


Stroytelling must sculpt your presence in the readers mind, but it must be relevant to the above question. Both should match to stand out of crowd in this noisy information era. Remember, Branding a blog is the business of information; therefore, brand your blog effectively and relevantly.

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