Are You Unable To Share Blog Post on Facebook Profile And Page?


I came across many experienced bloggers, who are working their ass off to fix this issue, even though they get beefed up with knowledge available in search engine, they find difficult to find exact solution.

Here, I have a one stop solution, if you are unable to share your blog post in your facebook page or profile.

Even, I had suffered with this problem for almost a month.

I have found the solution for myself, so I now write this article, and share the solution to everyone.

If thumbnail is not appearing properly in your facebook page, when you paste the URL on the status bar,  check the URL in facebook debugger tool and click on debug button. Then, if you are unable to see exact thumbnail, title, and description of your post, choose “fetch  new scrape information” option.

Clicking on this button will tell the facebook debugger, to fetch the data of that particular page once again.

unable to share post on facebook

In case if you come across Error Parsing URL no data was cached, as shown above, then again click on “fetch new scrape information” and fetch new information until you get proper data. Meanwhile, you have to check your URL by sharing in the status bar of your facebook page, at some extend it will definitely work.

Doing so will let facebook to read your page’s meta data. If there is any error in your meta data, title, thumbnail or description, it will not appear, then you have to edit and correct your metadata code.  

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