How Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Benefits You?

Do I want to own a website or not, to emerge as a successful affiliate marketer? This is the common question  raised in one’s mind, who are planning to start affiliate marketing. But before thinking whether i need to design website or not, you need to know the basic knowledge of  affiliate marketing.

To wipe out such doubt, I will explain what kind of stuffs you need to carry, if you design own site for Affiliate marketing. And vice versa.

If you own a website, you need to take care of its appearance, the landing page of the product, handle various website issue that occur very often etc.

If you are not familiar with web designing then it will definitely eat your maximum time.

Apart from all these, you should be good enough to carry out successful marketing strategies, to promote your product successfully in this noisy online world.

The above mentioned tasks will get easier, only if you have some friends or partner to work for you. Doing all kind of those stuffs alone is time consuming.

The path to great affiliate marketing without designing a website

The scenario is totally different and fully beneficial, if you start your affiliate marketing without a website. And here is how to do that ?


Forums can really be the smartest platform to earn  passive income. below are the list of some great forum to start affiliate marketing without website.

  1. DigitalPoint : It provides you discussion, related to online marketing, and also provides marketplace, to your own product or someone else’s product.   
  2. WickedFire: It is a great place to learn about Internet marketing, web design, and adopt various affiliate marketing strategies.
  3. MoneyMakerDiscussion: Moneymakerdiscussion not only provides you the place to market your product, but also the latest relevant news of online marketing sphere.
  4. V7N: A webmaster forum, which provides reputed Internet marketing and web development resource. It will assist you  by offering skills to design, develop your business websites.
  5. SitePoint forums: It is a place perfectly raised for coding as well as market, but you can also find some professional discussion on affiliate marketing as it has sheer amount of members.
  6. IM4Newbies: This forum assist you starting from the scratch, you get great tips, tools, various affiliate programs that is updated regularly. It can be a great choice for any newbie.  
  7. Affilorama: Here, a marketer get free training, software and support because it totally subscription based affiliate marketing platform. It’s a product of Clickbank Affiliate.
  8. Clickbank: It is well-known for marketing digital product, paying commission as high as 75% to its affiliates, and also as vendor by promoting your own product.

YouTube Series

You just need Webcam and know how to put your ideas into words to get along the YouTube channel. As there are almost one billion users daily, it is a great platform to showcase your skills and create your own identity. You can insert your affiliate link into your video and promote your product.

Make your video scaleable

  1. To make your viewers feel that you are providing value to them, make sure that your video is not only just for holds link that make money, but valuable information too.  
  2. The most important factor is that, never violate YouTube’s policies, your video title and description should be relevant. Video marketing is quite risky because you have to be brutally honest in any of the product review, if not chances are to get listed as spam.  

Beside, there are several other methods to start affiliate marketing without a website, but these are few well-know ways that works.


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