Little Known Facts Of Content Marketing Strategies Examples

Prior executing your Content Marketing Strategies on any sort of  online business, you should know the current trends of content marketing in various platforms.

If you are about to market any of the product online, before promoting, go back to the history of online marketing once because marketers ruin every new ideas by riding upon that.

Here is the best example, if you consider e-mail marketing in 1991, then Click Through Rates (CTR) were almost 90% at that  time, because Internet users were so  curious to read their each and every mail.

Now, the scenario is totally reverse.

In this noisy Internet world, on which  platform you should apply your content marketing strategies?

Based on the above facts, your content marketing strategies must be very effective and very much to execute it in right platform with high priority.

Facebook is quite older than compared to other social network like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc. Here is the right game to show your smartness, promoting your content strategy in these new platforms will surely help you, to stand out of crowd. Make sure your micro-content on social media tell your circle, about your activities and drive them towards your product.

This Content Marketing example tell you the hidden secret.

When it comes to certain brand like StarBugs, the customers are ready to pay more from their wallet and wait for quite long time. It seems very surprising because there is nothing more special or extraordinary in their coffee. The secret behind this is, the way they tell story to outside world.

Remember, when you are dealing online, bear this kind of great content marketing examples

If your online content is appealing, it’s good but if it can tell story in a unique style in right  platform then  it is awesome.

Finally, based on your product or online services, it is your own style and content marketing strategies that work, because the strategies used by Starbugs might not  suite  for others, but it is very essential to understand on what strategies other  competitors are in.

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