Importance Of Search Engine Optimization In Blogging

Any blog to get recognize or create its own identity online has to follow a certain process and that is SEO. Meanwhile, the importance of SEO in blogging has increased drastically over a decade.

If you want to apply those process for the success of your blog, follow these 15 most significant SEO checklist listed in this article, and boost your presence online.

Click on the above link, and adopt those checklists, then your site can appear friendly, for both user and search engines. Therefore, it helps to boost your blogs, and you make significant income naturally.

SEO in blogging is all about writing unique content based on user keywords, ensuring that keyword occurrence is around 2% to 3% in your article, using those keywords in the URL of blog post, integrating external from authority sites, internal links to blog content and lot more.

Let me explain you in simple terms about the importance of SEO

SEO is nothing, but modifying the search result. When we repeat certain keywords in a article; any user typing those words in search engine, our article will appear in SERP (search engine result page); if and only if that blog post is fully optimized to SEO.

Importance of SEO in Blogging can be widely illustrated because blog contents are ideal for SEO. As long as you try to make money from any search engine, you must follow its instruction.

Why SEO is so important?

Because it conveys the search engine, the type of elements you have updated in your blog such as articles, images, video etc.

It is your responsibility to convey the proper message to search engine about the activities in your blog.

Here is the best instance, imagine that you have updated an image of a horse in your blog, any human can easily recognize that it is a horse, but for any search engine it might seem like a donkey because it might struggle to understand the image. As a result, it is very much essential for blogger or website owner to convey the definite message to the search engine via performing SEO.

How to tell search engine about various elements in your blogs?

To educate search engine regarding the image you can use ALT tag, and for describing author and date published of blog post, structured data is fit for that.

In order to get crawled by search engine several times, your blog needs to be updated frequently with fresh quality content.

Prior applying best SEO tactics to any site, understanding both strengths and weakness of search engine would be more beneficial.






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