How Many Different Affiliate Program Can You Run In A Blog?

Most of the bloggers, who are desperate to do big in affiliate marketing, think in so many ways, do research, get suggestion etc. Of course, it is extremely important to know about best affiliate program before you head start.

When it comes to product promotion, most of them choose to promote a best product or multiple product from any one of the affiliate program. The other way is quite challenging and that is, selecting best offer from different affiliate programs, combine and promote in a single blog (domain).

As you are in search of best product offers in variety of affiliate programs, there might not be a best offers or not satisfy your marketing strategy.

 RUN DIFFERNT AFFILATE PROGRAM IN SINGLE BLOGFrom my perspective, if you’re not getting offers in the place of where you are expecting. You can run different affiliate programs in a single blog to avail maximum commission out of best product and best program. Make sure you won’t stuff your page with full of affiliate ads.

Concentrate on content, use header and sidebar for placing ads. Also, you can place text ads in the content.

For instance, the product, which is best selling in Amazon and the best product in commission junction, eBay or various other affiliate network can be combined together.

Once, you join several affiliate marketing network, make sure you have the ability to managing all of them. You need to check merchant’s offer, their notices. At the beginning it might be the headache. If you’re stepping as a newbie, just don’t jump in order to grab completely, do gradually and eat it slowly.

Combining quality products from different network, and promoting on same page is really the best way to improve your business. In case successfully carried out, huge revenue flow towards your business than that of single product promotion.

Be focused on the bounce rate, because of promoting multiple product from various different affiliate program in a single blog. Success will be yours, if you’re able to control bounce rate.


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