Google Glass Release Date Will Be Notified You Soon

Google Glass release date is on its way; it has decided to serve hospital and factories this time.

According to 9to5Google, the upcoming “Google Glass Enterprise Edition” matches the former one but holds enhanced water resistant, larger display, foldable, and fast processor for workplace.

The Wall Street Journal also added that the device can be attached to various glasses. Google’s Nest has administered the device to bring it out to reality. As a result, Google Glass release date will be announced shortly to its awaiting consumers.

Though there was a hiatus, Google never gave up on the device as an Enterprise Edition, because such wearable device best suite for hospitals and industries.

Here, the other strong confidence for Google is, it already have one such in the past. Previously launched Google Glass were used by the technicians of California solar panel firm to take photos without using their hands.

This time, Google should compete with firms like Vuzix  as it is selling extensively the wearable device to several business for years.


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