How To Increase Organic Traffic Without Content Marketing?


increase organic traffic

Here is an interesting fact that the average sites/blogs on Google’s 1st page hold more than 2000 words in an article. Look at the below image that clearly explains you the page that got top most priority with 2.032 words and resulting an increased organic traffic.

increase organic traffic

I know what is going in your mind right now. You might think, is it so necessary to generate 2000 words of lengthy article to get listed there.

The answer is No, because there is an alternative way too. Before getting head start into that. Let me brief you the scenario of how to increase organic traffic through lengthy content.

Do you know why the sites such as Huffington Post, The New York Times, Wikipedia ranks on top ?

It is because they have millions of unique content in their sites. As they create more content they give search engine more keyword. Therefore, automatically their site appear on first page of Google.

In order to rank higher you must concentrate on long tail keywords because, it can drive almost 90% of organic traffic. And those well-popular site focus primly on long tail keywords.

Even if you don’t write article on long tail keywords or lengthy articles also you can rank well in search engines. As I already mentioned, there exist another technique of getting organic traffic apart from content marketing, here comes the best explanation on it.

Let us type “unrealistic bodies” in search engine then Upworthy site acquired first place on search engine.

increase organic traffic

Here, the most surprising thing is that the website doesn’t have content not more than 50-70 words, but has got high page rank, and appears on top.

Upworthy compete with over 19 million of web pages that rank for the same phrase. Also they rank for more than 17,220 of popular search term. This site does not have content as much as Wikipedia.

If you consider Airbnb, it ranks high for the most competitive term “vacation rentals”. In its home page you can never observer much content. If you see in and out of the site, you will see short reviews and description, but that it will be a user generated content and it may help them in getting rank; not as much as if created from Airbnb side.

If you want to see the site with no content, but ranking on top then WhitePages is the best instance. They rank high on most competitive terms like “people search”.

The secret behind this high pagerank without content marketing is simple and that is “Backlinks”.

These Airbnb, WhitePages, Upworthy and those with no content marketing appear on 1st page of Search engine, because they have millions of high quality backlinks that are genuine to increase organic traffic.

How Do They Increase Organic Traffic ?

They build more Pages: Higher the number of pages, higher the chance of ranking especially for long tail terms.

They build Press links: Websites like Yelp and Upworthy exposed themselves to media and appeared on the sites like The New York Times etc. On the other hand they were building enough of backlinks needed to rank higher.

They are Proactive: There are more than 10 ways to build links, but it costs time. They find all the ways to generate backlinks to their sites.

They make Pages count: When it comes to content, if it doesn’t meet Google’s standard, then the site will get slapped by a Panda penalty. In case, if you’re not able to generate quality content then make use of reviews given by your visitor,s and build thousands of quality backlinks like Airbnb and Yelp.

In a conclusion, you can increase organic traffic just with backlinks, but it is too difficult as compared to content marketing. Several top organisation like Amazon, IBM, Apple and Microsoft get millions of organic traffic. They concentrate on their product and service rather than blogging.

Building backlinks need more dedication and time than content marketing, so if you want to increase organic traffic focus on either one of them.

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