Russia Introduced “Right To Be Forgotten” Law To Its Citizen

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“Right To Be Forgotten” is a law that exist in European Union supporting public concerns on search engines. The similar law rules in Russian from January 1st, 2016, if it is signed by The President, Vladimir Putin.

This new law lets Russian citizen to raise their voice on the information in the search engine in case they found it to be irrelevant, outdated, or untrustworthy. The can also request for the removal of those particular information.

The law does not stand against or target any links, it is just the rights of the people, so that they can ask search engine, for the removal of certain links if found to be dishonest as per their perspective.

Yandex is a Russia’s well-known search engine had opposed this law. Meanwhile, it had stated, “Our attempts of setting up few essential amendments to this invoice have unfortunately been unsuccessful. And, search engines cannot act as regulatory body and operate as enforcement agency”.

The company also said, “We completely believe both public and private interest should be well balanced. And the information should not be limited that severs public interest”.

Google has not yet given out its statement on “Right To Be Forgotten”. In case, if the law is signed by Russian President it will be confined to only Russian borders and not worldwide. Deutsche Welle, a Germany’s International broadcaster illustrates that the law needs the removal of the content, which violate the law, or irrelevant, or remain untrustworthy. Even Russian Television also described few situations.

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