Microsoft Joined Hands With AOL Search For Next 10 Years

microsoft signs 10 years deal with  AOL search engine

Now Google Ads and Listing is out from AOL Search. Microsoft has signed 10 years agreement with AOL by replacing Google with Bing. From January 1, 2016 the deal will go real.

Google had incorporated with AOL Search back in 2002 and kept on renewing it. At those days, Google was at emerging stage, and AOL had already gained significant search traffic. As of now, it is just 1% of Google’s traffic in US. The last renewal was extended for five years in 2010. And, now it turns out to be Bing. For Google, the deal does not make big difference.

As AOL isn’t completely dominant in search, Google considered the renew of its earlier deal as less effective.

Recently, Bing has acquired 20% market share in US. So, the deal will really boost its presence.

Microsoft says that Bing is well built financial to proceed as individual entity. Microsoft is giving away its display ads business to AOL.

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