7 Free Awesome Chrome Extension Of Every Successful Blogger


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Google Chrome is the only web browser that had succeeded in a very shorter span. Apple, Opera, Safari saw a thumbs down in an intense race between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. As a result, several bloggers shifted their gear from Firefox to Chrome, since the launch of Google Chrome Extension.

Do you know the reason behind that? If no, here is the top 7 Chrome extension of every successful bloggers.

  1. Follow

This extension is a tremendous one, I really don’t know why they have provided this wonderful extension at free of cost? Anyways, let us avail its advantage.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, it is very much essential for you to know your competitor’s details. And this wonderful extension gives you a detailed report of any blog/website. For example, number of visitors, ads in Google, ranking keyword, traffic countries, and various other information.

  1. Zemanta

Zemanta is really a fun as it extends normal blogging dashboard and enhance your experience as a blogger by improving your posts with relevant images, posts and links.

It gives you an idea on the content that you’re working to publish. For example, all copywrited images are filtered before suggesting you any image.

It is compatible with Typepad, WordPress, Blogger, and several other well-known platforms.

  1. WiseStamp

The most vital part of every Blogger is their Signature, which is used for interaction with fellow bloggers, and it is highly professional. It lets the bloggers to generate various signatures, and can be chosen the best one similar to that of how we use in Gmail.

  1. Awesome Screenshot

If you want to take screenshot from your browser, then this extension is a great way. As per your needs you can take the screenshot of chosen area or whole page. Additionally, you can also crop, blur or highlight some part of image and write anything on it.

You can share with you friends by uploading the edited images on the same awesome screenshot server.

  1. Split Screenshot

If you ever want to compare two websites then you might feel difficult to see things from both sites at the same time. At that situation, Split Screen allows you to split the browser screen into two.

One can experience the dual view of the browser at the same instance.

  1. SEO Status Pagerank

Understanding the SEO status of your competitor site or blog is very important to stand out from the crowd in this competitive world. When it comes to directory submission, it is very much essential to know the Pagerank of any site before submitting. And, this extension will just do that for you in a simpler manner.

The Alexa and Google Pagerank are collected directly from them without any third party site. Therefore, the information is accurate with genuine SEO Status/Pagerank.

  1. TPGoogle Reader

If you are a feed freak then this extension helps you to identify the need feeds of any website. TPGoogle Reader extension turns out from green to orange whenever a blog/website has fresh content.

It avoids you to see the date published of any post in a blog and comparing it with present day. It also shows you the unread posts of your favorite website.

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