Microsoft Bounces Off With Great YouTube Search Engine

YouTube, the king of online video can never be less prioritize from the visitors is it?. but Microsoft bounces off with great Youtube search engine.

The answer will be obviously No, but Microsoft has brought a massive changes on its Bing video search feature, resulting an ease identification of thumbnails and preview videos directly from the results. It can make an impact on video search on Google. And this new feature will help you to get idea on what you’re surfing at.

microsoft latest addition on video search


Bing also drives result from YouTube and around the web, similar to that of Google. As a result, with some additional features embedded into it made a video search on Bing far better than Google.

Bing search engine give out valuable extra information on video search like view count, uploaded date, uploader prior clicking the result etc. It was just too bring in synchronize with YouTube.

This search pages combine YouTube with relevant suggestions. On music search, you can find a module up on top for the artist with a list of other songs. You can watch those videos just with a click. Some additionally videos will appear in the another module as suggestion with half way down the page and more recommendation are at the end.

It’s really far better than video search on Google, because the latest feature on Bing drives you the best result when you search for the songs. It also gives you some extra large preview. It is suggested based on popularity and relevance.


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