Why Google Gave Non-Scientific Direct Answer On Dinosaurs?

google dinosaurs

What will be the expected answer from Google search query on any topic? Probably, the type of result that you might get on Google will be in a more scientific way.

Recently, search query based on the demise of dinosaurs in Google reverted direct answer, which has been pulled from one of the religious website. And it was an unexpected answer, because the result was purely religious based.

For your clear understanding…

If you search “what happened to dinosaurs”, the answer would have been appeared as below in Google.

google direct answer on dinosaurs

Now, this direct answer has already removed.

Rather than displaying the answer through that particular website, Google has just pulled answer from the website and displayed directly on its first page.

It is surprising, because if you type “Why did dinosaurs die?” or “What are the causes for the death of dinosaurs?” you will get scientific answer as below.


google direct answer on dinosaurs

However, Google’s direct answer will not alter the actual reality. The information has not reviewed by any author; it was just pulled automatically from the websites.



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