Keep Traffic Flowing With 4 P’s Of Global Content Marketing

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Those who are familiar with marketing will have an exact idea on 4 P’s of Marketing. That is, Product, Promotion, Place, and Price. Currently, 4 P’s of marketing has completely transformed into 4 P’s of global content marketing because, it’s an information era, advertiser need content for marketing in this digital world.

 These 4 P’s had successfully served the latest market of past century. In these recent days, it has slightly dispersed as the style of marketing has changed completely.

Because, now it’s an information era, you’ll find well-organized data at every aspect of your routine life. So, it is the 4 P’s of global content marketing that suites best to this latest marketing trend.

The 4 P’s of Global Content Marketing are: Plan, Produce, Promote and Perfect. Now lets know each one in detail

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  • Plan: Strategies must be made such that, the outcome of the content must aligns the targeted audiences on both nationally  and internationally. Not only audience, targeting the countries is also much crucial as it is global content marketing.

  • Produce: Generate relevant content that matches the specific countries requirement with various formats. If the content is based on strategic editorial topic, which address the pain points of targeted audience then it might carry more weightage.

  • Promote: Soon after the generation of strategic content, set up a market driven content distribution in online social media. You can also go with paid media, utilize tools and data to enhance the visibility of the content to maximum.

  • Perfect : The content must be constantly optimized to reach out maximum audience as per viewers feedback. Optimization is better done by defining perfect goals, utilizing tools and processes to enhance the effectiveness of the content.

Gone are the days to Think Globally and Act Locally, now it’s time to Think and Act Globally as well as Locally.

Irrespective of the organization structure global content marketing differ, however, 4 P’s of global content marketing never alter; it remains the same. Because, a close collaboration is need between local and global teams in order to achieve objectives.

Upon successful promotion of any content, invite and encourage the visitors feedback, because it might definitely give an idea to come up with great and traffic driven articles in future.

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