How Optical Illusion Illustration Makes You A Successful Advertiser ?

To play with people’s perception, most of the business persons uses optical illusion. Now lets see what is optical illusion ?

Optical illusion means the designs or visually perceived images that are away from reality.

Illustrating such illusion will automatically twist the process involved in human brain interpret. These brain interpret is the result of what our eye see. Several activity books involve optical illusion to test the brain.

Nowadays, in order to promote certain products and service, many advertising companies use illusion illustration. Below is the ads, purely based on optical illusion.

branding illusion illustration

Need to know exactly where it is seen?

Illusion illustration is normally observed in the field, which needs visual stimulation in advertising. It comprises of print ads, television commercials. However, optical illusions are very much effective in print media.

Since, optical illustrations are totally different from the objective reality, people take time to analyze or grasp an optical illusion.

As compared to a television ad, print form is more consumer friendly, because they take their own time staring at the print ad until they understand the illusion behind that particular ad.

The main purpose of an excellent illustration in advertisement is just to catch people’s attention through images. And they get succeed, because such images offer entertainment and humor to the one, who look at it. Ultimately, it gives a unique twist to ordinary products or service resulting a sale.

Very Often, tricky illustration will surely tempt the viewer to understand the message involved in it.

branding optical illusion

Here is another type of illustration used to deliver a hidden message in a mind boggling manner.

There was an advertisement in Brazilian magazine, which illustrated Osama Bin Laden, the former terrorist group leader. They used his face that comprise the beared of Osama Bin Laden, which are actually the letters conveying the word “alive”.

People automatically stare on such images for longer period, which in turn touch their heart.

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