15 Best SEO Checklist To Optimize Your Online Marketing Plan

seo checklist to online marketing plan

Are you desperate to grab higher position in search engine results, improve quality traffic, and drive leads?

Any online marketing business to emerge successfully and stand out of the crowd the following elements are mandatory. Moreover, these are the best strategies that can be followed, for any blogs/websites.

  1. Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, it’s mandatory. Link Webmaster to Google Analytics to make things simpler.

  2. Also consider other search engine like Yahoo, Bing etc, install Bing Webmaster Tool, because you might also get traffic from those search engines.

  3. Install Google Analytics and SEO plugins in your site.

  4. Keep track on 404/500 and missing errors on Google Webmaster tools and ensure your website is not generating duplicate content.

  5. Install social sharing buttons on every webpage and link those buttons to social networking profiles like Facebook, Google+ and also professional network LinkedIn etc.

  6. Utilize Google Keyword Research Tool, if your blog is new just pick 1 keyword per page, don’t ever go for lengthy keywords at beginning.

  7. Identify and analyse your competitor’s profile. Get started with link buildings strategies some of the sites are Link Diagnosis, ahrefs etc.

  8. Describe your unique title tag for every webpage and it keep it less than 65 characters, otherwise your title will be truncated in SERP (search engine result page).

  9. Even Meta description tags must be 155 characters or less.

  10. Integrate Authorship Markup to your site, gone are the days of search snippet images, but still you need to add.

  11. Use H1 tag and make sure your keyword is present in that tag.

  12. Write an article of atleast not less than 150 words, because search engine can understand what the topic of page is all about.

  13. Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool. (generate sitemap.xml file and upload it into your root directory). Sitemap can easily be generated by Google XML sitemap plugin or XML-Sitemap.com

  14. Before uploading any images in your article or anywhere in your site, make sure to use ALT tag for every image. Search engine can identity the image by the name assigned to it in ALT tag.

  15. Utilize 301 redirects, include anchor text and link your internal pages. Make sure while linking your pages you avoid chain, because search engine neglects the links continuously from page 1 to page 10.

Once you get through all these to your site can really make a big difference. As a beginner it might consumes time to learn all these and apply, but never neglect any of it. Keep one thing in mind, to generate organic leads, your site must satisfy all the above.

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