Brand Storytelling : How Words Performs Brilliantly As Designs?

the power of words works brillilantly

If you need to alter one’s mind, then the words that you use to them plays the most crucial role. Because, wise words are enclosed with the energy that can be passed into anyone’s mind.

In addition to understanding customer’s requirements and fulfilling it, your chosen words might be one of the major reason for them to like your service. In later section of this article I have embedded a video, which clearly demonstrates the power of words.

Brand Storytelling is very important if you want to run a businesses but, you must understand that captivating designs alone will never work. Since, people use words for communicating, only the words that they use will retain a real relationship.

An eye catching design might temp the viewer but that’s not sufficient to connect his/her emotions.

When it comes to any product, people buy the meaning and personalities embedded with the story of those products. They discover various personalities associated in brands.

Think! You visit a wine shop to buy some, and you will discover awesome pictures of vineyards without the details of its prices or types or about its history. In these situation what would you do? Or, In case if you need to buy a new camera and you just identify its visuals with no reviews, no features and no information. Will you proceed to buy? No, you might struggle in decision making.

Words matter most and it’s the brand that explains you the stories. (not just to show the product is awesome).

As per Google ZMOT, in 2011 people researched almost 10 unique content before their purchase. If the internet was made up of just visuals and extraordinary design, would you think it will be useful?

Words Are Authoritative And Powerful

Here is the best video that went viral in 2011 explaining “The Power of Words”. It explains how a homeless blind man on a street in need of money with a sign saying “I ‘m blind, please help”. But many passed just by glancing. when a lady replaced the sign as “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it”. Miracle happened.

The reason why these words can never be neglected because, it alters the viewers mindset to think entirely in a different way and they forge an emotional connection.

The content what you publish online is the voice of your business, reaching to your customer. While you’re busy growing your business you’re online content will just do its job.

Visuals And Words Tell A Brand Story.

To find some information the current generation search over and over the Internet until they find better idea on the topic. Most of the companies neglect to carve their content and focus on design and visual side.

Recently, I came across with a client, who needs a new website, but he haven’t conveyed any of his thought of what his website must say to visitors, which is a brand storytelling.

Every businesses in order to gain full advantages of online media designs website but insufficient content holds up the entire strategy.

Overall, the words and visuals must perform cohesively. If the design is attractive your words adds huge powerful experience to the readers. On the other side, your brilliant words can go unread if the design is unattractive resulting your story untold.

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