Google Put On New 70 “Now Cards”

 google added 70 now cards

As per Google blog spot, Google added new 70 Now Cards in Google app, which can provide sufficient information to all Android users before they think of surfing for those particular information.

Search Powerhouse came up with Google Now cards in February. It helps the users to store the information from almost 40 various apps along with eBay, Pandora and Airbnd. For instance, usually after getting out of flight you probably think of a taxi then, a card from Instacart, while one from Lyft remind you to order a car. It keeps track on often ordered items to let you know what exactly to do.

“Now Cards” reminds about events, local traffic and public transit arrival periods. Additionally there are few other new apps such as Open Table, Jawbone, RunKeeper, Spotify, Zipcar, ABC News and YouTube.

Presently, there are 110 partners with Now cards, with a third wave of apps are integrated recently. This feature is available only in Google’s Android app.

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