5 Easiest And Smartest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Steps For Generating Traffic.

search engine optimization is must for marketing digitallySeveral marketing gurus have been shouting that SEO is dead.

Google, Bing and various well-known smartest search engines in 2015, aim at preventing link farming attempts. They assign priority to the pages, which publish unique and valuable information to the user and made crystal clear that use of SEO with poor content will never be tolerated by Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

The prime reason for these change is that, SEO experts tried to achieve top Google result for low quality websites. However, Google has already declared that SEO service firms are meant to assist users to discover what they are in search of ? And not what online marketers are trying to sell.

Google began to focus on natural search results with the updation of its search engine algorithm to Humming bird. Those results are friendly to millions of users, who use search engine for everything.

Google always reward sites, which manage definite page size, alongside with quick load time.

images (1)(1)Let Mobile Be Your FirstĀ Priority

Presently, Most of the businesses around the globe provide customized experience to mobile users. They focus highly on designing website and publishing content that are mobile friendly.

As there was a drastic enhancement in the use of tablets and smartphone for internet access rather than computers and laptops, importance of mobile friendly sites has also enhanced.

download (1)(2)The Higher Significance of Being Social

The most vital role played in digital marketing is the social media. Any firm can be directly connected to their customers via various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc

Each time when the company updates any information, it can be shared by their fans, friends or family, who are connected to their social network. These awesomeness in social media acts as the most powerful tool in the business.

download (2)(3)Be More Credible

Search engine uses authorship tool to verify the identity of the every author, who write content for his/her blogs. Here, the well-known authorship tool is Google+ for identity verification. It is because Google doesn’t let any fake personality or pseudonym to Google+ service. Alongside other social site like Facebook, Twitter suites for authorship verification but Google+ is more trustworthy and credible.

download (3)(4)Ever Lasting Future For Long Tail Keywords

As per Hummingbird algorithm, better understanding of user’s natural language used in search engines is responsible for the better outcome of long tail keywords.

Most of the SEO professionals still focus on short keywords, because several users use definite keywords in search engine. It is quite difficult to predict the those perfect phrase the user search so Hummingbird algorithm helps better while trying to predict longer keywords

download(5)Technical Search Engine Optimization Will Rise Once Again

Websites built with strong programming background will turn out to be critical to its success and that is what technical SEO is all about. As link building and various SEO techniques becoming useless, lazy programming will never ever help out.

Search engines will penalize the sites with no proper design and code structure. In order to stay safe, certain care is must while designing website as per W3C guidelines.

Website with strong programming will achieve higher SERP therefore, businesses get attracted to it for investment.

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